Buchio Italian Greyhounds supports Italian Greyhound Rescue and acts as a referral service for those interested in rescue. 

Please explore this site to learn more. Call or email us to learn more about our breeding and referral services. Thank you for visiting us.

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies-We have puppies born 2/23/2019. There are 2/3 boys still available and 1/4 girls that is still available. "CONTACT US" to e-mail or call us.

We specialize in breeding and showing quality Italian Greyhound dogs. At times we have our own show-quality and companion-quality AKC-registered puppies. We also have from time to time, retired show dogs looking for forever homes.

The Italian Greyhound (or I.G.) is a true greyhound, his small size the result of selective breeding. There is some difference of opinion as to whether he was originally bred for hunting small game or was meant to be simply a pet and companion. It seems most likely that he filled both roles. For this reason he is very adaptable to both city and country living. He is rather luxury loving and enjoys the comfort of an apartment; at the same time being a true hound, he likes exercise and outdoor activities.

Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic of the Italian Greyhound is his affectionate disposition. He thrives best when this affection is returned and is happiest with his owner and immediate family. For this reason, he may sometimes seem a trifle aloof with strangers. He is sensitive, alert, and intelligent and remains playful until long past puppyhood. Due to fine bone structure and sometimes timid or sensitive personality, Italian Greyhounds in general do not make good pets for households with very young or rambunctious children or large, active dogs. IGs are brilliant at problem solving and are quick learners who don’t necessarily equate obedience with love, to the chagrin of many a newcomer to the breed! Some have done well in obedience trials and many excel in the new sport of Agility.


Buchio Italian Greyhounds